Zoological Medicine Ltd provides a specialist veterinary cardiology and respiratory medicine service in a wide range of zoo animals, wildlife, and other domestic and exotic animal species

Director Yolanda Martinez Pereira LdaVt CertVC DipECVIM-CA MRCVS is a European recognised Specialist in Veterinary Internal Medicine (Cardiology). She is Lecturer and Head of the Small Animal Cardiology Service at Edinburgh University. She has specific interests in cardiology of zoo animals, non-mammalian cardiac anatomy and pathology, interventional keyhole heart surgery techniques, and congenital heart abnormalities. She has authored papers and presentations on heart disease in Komodo dragons, Lions, Beavers, Swans, and Seals.

Echocardiography (special ultrasound examination of the heart) allows the cardiologist to image inside the beating heart, to visualise any structural abnormalities, as well as performing measurements of heart chamber sizes, contractiions, and the speed and direction of blood flow which may all indicate different types of heart conditions.

An echocardiography examination in an anaesthetised Jaguar. While in many ways a patient such as this will have similar anatomy and, may develop similar heart diseases to pet cats, the need for anaesthesia to safely perform examinations changes the hearts speed and blood flow patterns, and can so make diagnosis more difficult.

It is even possible to perform keyhole heart surgery just as in human, and even to insert permanent pacemakers (as visible in this x-ray photograph) in animal patients via keyhole surgery techniques